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APOLLO MOON EXPLORATION See the Rockets, meet the men, take the journeys, and see the discoveries of the Apollo Program
JOURNEY TO DEEP SPACE SHOW #1 Focuses on the Space Launch System and the planets and moons it opens up to our exploration
MARS FOLLOW THE WATER Mars which has more water that you think!
SETTLING IN ON MARS #1 Don’t take the grocery store to Mars. Make what you need by sending the factory in advance so the store is full when you get there —- water, rocket propellant, rover propellant, plastics, and more!
FUTURE OF NASA The Only Way Is UP!” focuses on water on Mars.
ORIGINS OF LIFE How did biological life arise from non-living matter. Step-by-step instructions to bring life from the lifeless
QUANTUM THINGS n FIZZY THINGS Quantum Physics and String Theory are REALLY stranger than fiction!
SEARCH FOR EXOPLANETS Exoplanets are so much more varied and abundant than we ever dreamed. Open your cosmic umbrella and see planets raining diamonds and others that rain iron.
ARE WE ALONE Whether we are alone or not, either answer is profound and somewhat alarming.
FERMI PARADOX A Laughing romp about various reasons we have not been contacted yet, or have we?
WOW SIGNAL The signal so promising that the scientist wrote “WOW!” next to it on the printout. Still debated today, but probably “no cigar.”
PROXIMA CENTAURI Our nearest star tantalizes us with its hospitality, but expect buried habitats because of the radiation.
NOW VOYAGERS Our two voyager spacecraft have left the Solar System and now voyage in interstellar space.
BEST BETS FOR LIFE The “Ocean Worlds” inner oceans may harbor hydrothermal vents which on Earth are producing new life. Warm, vented salty water containing organics give rise to hope for life.
SKY FALLING “The Sky is Falling: Asteroids, Comets, and Space Debris.” Look UP and look OUT!
US SPACE FORCE The War in Space has already begun.” Russia, China, India and the US have all destroyed their own defunct satellites to show the others their ability to strike back.
THE NEW SPACE AGE Private industry has entered the Space Race: SpaceX, Blue Origin, and Virgin have developed space craft.
EFFECTS OF SPACE It ain’t pretty, folks.
UNIVERSE THING A tour of the Universe with Hitchhikers welcome!
SOLAR SYSTEM ROCKS A tour of our Rockin’ neighborhood from rocky worlds to gas giants.
CIVIL AIR PATROL A tour the services offered by CAP.
CAP STEM KITS For a one-time fee of $35, become a CAP Aerospace Education Member (AEM) and get 20 FREE STEM Kits to keep.
LIVE OUT LOUD This is a light-hearted collection of wise sayings about living your BEST life.
WEBB SPACE TELESCOPE The Webb’s “long arms” reach further into space than man has gone  before. Astounding infrared images showcase the stars behind the clouds of interstellar gas.
WOMEN IN SPACE Female astronauts ride the rockets into History.
SPACE LAUNCH SYSTEM This show focuses on the rocket itself:  structure and payloads. The Block 2 cargo version carries 286,000 pounds of payload to orbit!
SPACE STATION A Teacher’s Companion to the Space Station. A Multi-disciplinary Resource
BEAUFORD SCHOLARSHIP PROMO Each year a Louisiana CAP Cadet wins free transportation, tuition, and meals at their choice of National Flight Academy or Space Camp.
BEAUFORD SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION Information and application for applying for the 2024 Beauford Scholarship.
THE EFFECTS OF SOLAR STORMS Information about the effects of Solar Storms.
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